Episode 1: Igniting Your Creative Genius w/ 2-Time Olympian Selim Nurudeen

February 01, 2016

Selim Nurudeen competed at the Olympics. He built a successful web design company from the ground up. In fact, Selim Nurudeen cultivated an incredible standard of excellence to live by; a standard that he hopes will inspire future athletes and entrepreneurs to achieve their best

Nurudeen, a two-time Olympian for Nigeria, competed as a semi-finalist in both Beijing in 2008 and  London in 2012. From a young age, Nurudeen was an avid track and field enthusiast. His goal: To constantly and consistently become a better runner. Selim describes track and field as a sport where “everything is measured up to the hundredth of a second.” This precise nature of the sport suited his inner perfectionist, which has always motivated him to beat his old time and fight for improvements on every turn. Track and field became a place for Selim to set goals and fight for them. This inner passion motivates Selim’s goals both on and off the track, where he continues to pursue a level of excellence in his running.

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Selim Nurudeen at 2012 London Olympics (Credits to Getty Images)

Selim has an equally accomplished life off of the track. His design story began at a very young age as he showed passion and promise even as a 3-year-old. In later years, Selim describes how his first clients would ask him to design cool, eye-catching logos and flyers, and he would take up the task whole-heartedly. His design objectives continue to include providing meaningful and quality products for his clients. In addition, Selim consistently seeks opportunities through self-learning and teaching to both improve his design and business techniques, as well as to share the skills he has developed. Always, his work involves intense passion and a desire for quality.

“[We focus on?]…giving the client a quality product. A very unique product to them where we tap into their imagination to bring out the best in their business…. At the same time, it is utilizing my passion which is drawing and creating….”

Selim credits most of his personal success to his family. Both of his parents immigrated to the United States from Nigeria, working hard to build a strong foundation for their family. They had an incredible sense of diligence and passion, and they wanted to instill these qualities in their children. It’s clear they were successful with their son.

Unlike the rest of his family, Selim did not dream of a medical career. Instead, he wanted to focus on sports, design, entrepreneurship, and creative enterprises. Although Selim’s passions are contrary to his parents’ earliest intentions for their son, today, his parents have become his largest supporters and advocates in the world of design.

Selim believes that everyone can make an impact on the world, and shapes his work based on that ideology. He says that his running has helped him in the world of design; while at first glance the two worlds might seem distant, running in fact taught Selim to embrace competition, to maintain patience, and to increase diligence. With these qualities, Nurudeen hopes to change the face of design entirely.  He desires a better industry standard for his field, and wants to apply business-savvy to his creations. Almost 7 years into the business side of design, Selim has noticed that many designers have true talent, but do not know how to leverage their skills. It is his goal to implement a new teaching standard that can unlock even more doors for future designers.

“Everyone has something that is going to help them change the world…”

Today, Selim is the Founder and Head Creative Director of SinVista Creations LLC. His company focuses on creating quality designs that translate imagination into captivating and compelling products. The name SinVista means “design with not just the eyes, but with heart and emotion.” Passion, for Selim, is not hard to find. His work is mainly centered on graphic design, such as creating logos and websites for clients. Currently, he is also working on a comic book with a good friend. He finds the process of making comic books the most enjoyable because of their scope to let the imagination roam freely.


Back in the realm of athletics, Nurudeen says he will try to compete again for the 2016 or 2018 Olympics. He is currently training and running consistently.

Selim Nurudeen says he is “forging his path right now,” but it is clear this path is already strewn with significant achievements. His work- on the track and off- is fed from his passion and diligence. With such a booming start, it seems guaranteed that we will see more from Selim Nurudeen in the future.


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